Augmented Reality

We design augmented reality interactive experiences and custom content solutions adapted to the requirements of different industries.

Product preview in Augmented Reality

This technology makes it possible to decorate a room virtually or view the final result of a project by superimposing a virtual layer on the real thing.

Clicking on the image of the item below will provide you with an example of a 3D model that can be positioned in augmented reality using an iOS device.

Click to display an example 3D model in Augmented Reality from an iOS device

These are some of the Augmented Reality projects we have developed for different sectors;  interior design and façade restoration..

Interactive guides in augmented reality

Augmented reality has many uses, such as virtual itineraries for exhibitions or to provide safety instructions in buildings or  on escape routes in emergency or fire situations.

Click to display virtual instructions in augmented reality using an iOS device.

This is a digital trend with many possibilities for creating immersive experiences and offering contextual content based on specific locations or by recognising objects or images.

Using different combinations of proximity communication systems and augmented reality content, interactive experiences can be developed as virtual guides, such as the guided tour of the Itsasoa exhibition at the Basque Museum.

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